Artist : Corciolli

Album : Ilusia

Release Date : 19-05-2017

Added : 16-08-2017

The latest album 'Ilusia' from the Brazilian 'Corciolli' is a little improbable encounter between 'Jean-Michel Jarre' and 'Pink Floyd'. The keyboardist takes us on an instrumental journey to which he has added electric or acoustic guitars samples that reinforce the psychedelic side. We are therefore immersed in a progressive universe where magic operates because it has been able to transcribe the feeling of the guitar game as for example with 'The Misery of Fear and the Battle Against the Immortal Dream' where one could recognize the game of a certain 'Carlos Santana'. In short, 'Ilusia' is an album to listen calmly on headphones and let go according to the 8 very accessible compositions to a wide audience...

Line Up / Musicians

Corciolli (Keybords) + Invites : Ramon Montagner (Drums), Mauricio Oliveira (Bass)