Artist : Starsoup

Album : Castles of Sand

Release Date : 20-11-2017

Added : 15-01-2018

'Starsoup' is a Russian progressive metal band that released its second studio album 'Castles of Sand' at the end of 2017. Their first album 'Bazaar Of Wonders' of 2013 was very promising and they already showed us a quality of compositions that were very varied with multiple influences. With 'Castles of Sand', we continue in this direction with a mix of genres from the first 4 tracks: 'The Catcher in the Lie' opens the ball with a heavy sound and some extreme voices, 'Into the Woods' continues in another direction with pop sounds, 'Brother's Plea' returns in a more energetic style with some oriental inspirations and 'You World Is Dead' starts on a ballad and continues on a rock/folk melody. The rest continues in this musical bloom where we continue to travel in the heterogeneous universe of ‘Alexey Markov' delicately finishing with the ballad 'Moon on the Shore' (we are very far from metal). In short, 'Starsoup' is tagged in progressive metal but this 'Castles of Sand' is above all a delightful mix of different sound universes and is intended for all lovers of progressive music open to a mix of genres...

Line Up / Musicians

Alexey Markov (Vocal, Guitar, Bass), Andrew Gryaznov (Keybords), Alexander Vetkhov (Drums)