Artist : Subterranean Masquerade

Album : Vagabond

Release Date : 01-09-2017

Added : 28-10-2017

'Subterrannean Masquerade' is a band that boasts progressive metal influences but also jazz, progressive rock and 'Vagabond' is its 3rd studia album. Listening to them, and even though they are based in the United States, we immediately hear Oriental influences and this is normal because the majority of the members are Israelis. We can help but draw a parallel with 'Orphaned Land' ('Kobi Fahri' has participated in their previous album) and besides, the introduction of 'As You Are' reminds me of ' Let the Truce Be Known' from their cousins (from ‘All Is One’). Nevertheless, their style is closer to rock and progressive metal while keeping an anchor in their roots and using different acoustic instruments. For example, 'Ways' is a title that begins quite classically with a first part sung like a progressive rock band can do and then follows a passage to the accordion that begins like a musette waltz to which they add a theme of Jewish music and then the tone hardens to become more powerful on the end. We can note the remarkable cover of 'Space Odity' by ‘David Bowie’. In summary, 'Vagabond' is a total success because it mixes different styles while remaining very accessible and shows again that the blend of cultures often produces very beautiful surprises...

Line Up / Musicians

 Eliran Wizeman (Vocal), Kjetil Nordhus (Vocal), Tomer Pink (Guitar), Or Shalev (Guitar), Shai Yallin (Keybords), Golan Farhi (Bass), Matan Shmuely (Drums)