Artist : Razzmattazz

Album : Hallelujah

Release Date : 08-02-2019

Added : 20-03-2019

Listening to the first title 'A Gun for Hire' from the last album 'Hallelujah' from the Germans 'Razzmattazz', my foot started to beat on my own and I found myself a few decades back with a hard rock sound well known. In fact, you take a good dose of ‘AC/DC' and a bit of 'Status Quo' and you get 'Razzmattazz' with unadorned titles that smell like real hard rock and are played with crazy energy. Everything is therefore implemented to spend a good time with 10 compositions that knock your socks off and make you headbang from the first chords and with their guitar riffs go to the basics of hard-rock. In short, 'Razzmattazz' released an album for all hard-rock fans of the 80s and 'Hallelujah' is to consume without moderation...

Line Up / Musicians

Peter Ucik (Bass), Tom Schaupp (Vocal, Guitar), Ulf S. Gokeler (Drums), Wolle Heieck (Guitar, Vocal)