Artist : Dool

Album : Summerland

Release Date : 10-04-2020

Added : 21-05-2020

‘Dool’ is a Dutch band that released their first album ’Here Now, There Then’ in 2017 and therefore released their second studio recording ‘Summerland’. Founded by singer and guitarist 'Ryanne van Dorst' who is also known as 'Elle Bandita' (see here), their universe is quite dark and refers to the pagan theme from Viking mythology but curiously, the musical atmospheres, even if the tempos are quite slow, give an impression of fullness which alternates with more intense moments and this atmosphere is similar to formations like the Swedes of 'Avatarium' who released a new opus at the end of 2019 (see here).

At the outset, with 'Sulfur And Starlight' and 'Wol Moon', the tone is set with a mid-tempo in which 'Ryanne van Dorst' reveals a melancholic vocal register which she hardens at certain times and which is particularly well adapted to the style, then, 'God Particle', with a calm orientalizing introduction, unrolls a heavy melody which increases and softens with the sung part and which ends with a beautiful instrumental part. The suite offers us 'Summerland' which is built on a slow tempo and which slightly accelerates the rhythm in the instrumental final in crescendo and falls back with some piano notes, then, 'A Glass Forest' recalls the beginning of the psychedelic in the 60s and 'The Well's Run Dry' accelerates the pace for one of the most energetic songs from the album. With 'Ode to the Future', in a pop style, the swaying tempo makes us stamp our feet, then 'Be Your Sins' continues in this lightness with a refrain which immediately enters the head and 'Dust & Shadow' in a doom sound style with a slow tempo that stretches over 8 minutes, ends the album in a very nice way on a more melancholic note.

In summary, this latest album of 'Dool' demonstrates the undeniable talent of this formation which, even if the dark side that we stick to them is mainly conveyed by the themes addressed, takes us on an original journey that transmits permanently this subtle duality between tension and relaxation, which for me constitutes the great strength of this 'Summerland'...

Line Up / Musicians

Ryanne van Dorst (Vocal, Guitar), Micha Haring (Drums), JB Van Der Wal (Bass), Reinier Vermeulen (Guitar), Nick Polak (Guitar)