Artist : Faun

Album : Midgard

Release Date : 19-08-2016

Added : 25-01-2017

The Germans 'Faun' released their 9th album studio 'Midgard' devoted entirely to Nordic mythology in 2016. Already nearly 20 years and they continue to evolve in a Celtic folk with use of ancient instruments such as the Celtic harp or bagpipes (they define their style as being the 'paganfolk'). With this latest installment 'Midgard', the 15 compositions sung in German make us travel in a universe filled with melancholy melodic Celtic where traditional instruments reinforce this folk atmosphere. In summary, if you are fan of 'Tri Yann' and Sung German language doesn't bother you, you will certainly adopt this latest installment of 'Faun'...

Line Up / Musicians

Oliver S. Tyr (Vocal, Bouzouki Irlandais, Nyckelharpa, Mandocèle, Harp Celtique, Saz, Tar, Guitar, Lutes), Fiona Rüggeberg (Vocal, Cornemmuse, Flute, Violin, Recorder, Fujara, Seljefloit, Harmonium, Chalumeaux & Pommer), Katja Moslehner (Vocal, Percussions), Stephan Groth (Vocal, Hurdy-Gurdy, Cistern, Whistles), Rüdiger Maul (Darabouka, Davul, Bendir, Tamborello, Riq, Berimbao & other percussion instruments), Niel Mitra (Computer Sampler & Synthesizer)