Artist : H.E.A.T.

Album : Into The Great Unknown

Release Date : 22-09-2017

Added : 25-11-2017

Timing coincidence, after the last album of 'Martina Edoff', it is the turn of the Swedish of 'H.E.A.T.' to release the same day 'Into The Great Unknown'. The first track 'Bastard Of Energy' augurs an opus in an energetic hard-rock style but the following reveals other faces of this group: 'Redefined' remains in a rock register but the use of keyboards makes it more soft and 'Shit City' with its heady refrain and its mid-tempo makes us swing to the rhythm of drums to make it a festive song. With 'Eye of the Storm', it is an ideal powerful ballad 'We Rule' reminds me of the theatrical style of 'Queen'; about the eponymous title of the album, it offers more than 7 minutes between rock and powerful hard rock with a rhythm and a refrain in the same way that 'Def Leppard'. In short, with 'Into The Great Unknown', 'H.E.A.T.' offers a varied album for all lovers open to styles from pop to hard-rock and liking accessible melodies...

Line Up / Musicians

Erik Grönwall (Vocal), Dave Dalone (Guitar), Jimmy Jay (Bass), Jona Tee (Keybords), Crash (Drums)