Artist : Dry River

Album : 2038

Release Date : 02-02-2018

Added : 22-03-2018

The Spanish of 'Dry River' began their career with covers of 'Queen' and 'Dream Theater' and in 2011 they released their first album 'El Circo de la Tierra'. '2038' is their third studio album. Difficult to put them in a very specific box because they mix different styles that go from pop to hard-rock through jazz, rock and classical music to which they add their Hispanic influences here and there. The 10 compositions are therefore a journey in moods and atmospheres all different from each other and therefore you have to be open to a wide range of styles to commit but they are also very melodic which makes the whole very accessible. The typical example is 'Peàn' which, with its more than 10 minutes, mixes classical instruments like strings with the power of electric instruments and has broken rhythms, making it a typical progressive song. In summary, with this new album, 'Dry River', even singing in Spanish is certainly a brake to be known internationally (and that's a shame), released an excellent varied and dense album with this talent to mix very different styles from each other, while maintaining a nice homogeneity and '2038' should appeal to an audience open to a wide range of musical genres...

Line Up / Musicians

Ángel Belinchón (Vocal), Carlos Álvarez (Guitar, Keybords, Choirs), Matías Orero – Guitar, Chœurs), David Mascaró (Bass, Chœurs), Martí Bellmunt (Keybords, Chœurs), Pedro Corral (Drums)