Artist : Into the Open

Album : Destination Eternity

Release Date : 20-03-2020

Added : 31-05-2020

'Into the Open' is a new project created by the duo 'Jan Willem Ketelaers' and 'Sander Heerings' who are progressive artists, Jan evolving with 'Knigh Area' and having participated in several projects ('Ayreon' and 'Magoria') and Sander with 'Wane of Summer' and 'The Dust Connection'. ‘Destination Eternity’ is a concept album I quote their site, « about the journey of a soul to its final destination. Like the painting of the cover “The Source” perfectly symbolizes the disaster at sea and the beautiful song written about it, it also symbolizes live and death and becoming a better soul along that journey ». Indeed, the painting of the cover has been done by ‘Vivi Hoffmanns’ who were inspired by the song 'Estonia' from 'Marillion' featured in their last album ’With Friends from the Orchestra’.

11 tracks for almost an hour of listening, it is the menu of 'Destination Eternity' which takes us on a progressive alternating energy and serenity which makes it a varied opus which is tamed quite easily, the melodic lines being accessible. The short instrumental 'Origins' starts the album in a 'Floydian' way in an atmospheric atmosphere, then 'Birth' is a rhythmic title with a catchy bass and a simple but effective melody and, in the same style, we can also quote 'Back to the Day', 'Eternity' and 'When the Crowd Is Gone'. Alternating with these energetic tracks, 'Destination Eternity' also offers us quieter tracks with the mid-tempo 'Once', quite powerful but with a certain melancholy, the short instrumental 'Nostalgia' which is aptly named, the magnificent ballad 'Purpose' with its melody which settles in your head without leaving it and 'Half Song' which ends the album on a stripped note with a piano/voice duo filled with a palpable emotion. But my two favorites are without context, first of all the longest title of the album 'Judgment Day' which takes us on a masterful progressive title, with a wonderful vocal performance of 'Jan Willem Ketelaers', instrumental sections varied embellished with beautiful keyboards and guitar solos and a magnificent final, more stripped down with remarkable vocalizations, and then, the melodic 'Ride the Wind' with a vocal duo which gives you goosebumps with 'Maria Catharina' which I discover in this title and who participated in the project 'Magoria' and who is the singer of 'Roby Valentine' but who also has videos of covers of 'Edenbridge' on 'You Tube' and we can also note the very beautiful instrumental part with a guitar solo by 'Marcel Coenen' who often takes part in projects 'Ayreon' by Arjen Lucassen '.

In summary, this new project 'Into the Open' is a real success with varied compositions in perfect balance between energy and serenity and 'Destination Eternity' is to be advised to an audience navigating between classic and progressive rock with accessible melodic lines...

Line Up / Musicians

Jan Willem Ketelaers (Vocal), Sander Heerings (Keybords), Robert Spaninks (Drums), Martijn Balsters (Guitar), Frank Strokap (Bass), Ronald Martens (Guitar) + Guests : Maria Catharina (Vocal), Marcel Coenen (Guitar), Kim de Beer (Violin)