Artist : Forest Field

Album : Lonely Desert

Release Date : 21-10-2016

Added : 02-03-2017

As they define themselves, 'Forest Field' is not a group but is an international project created by 'Peter Cox' and 'Phil Vincent' and 'Lonely Desert' is their new baby. Their style is close to a melodic, ambient and progressive rock. Actually, It is a set of influences of 70s/80s rock bands that emerged of the 10 titles that all have a different atmosphere. Moving from a melodic rock close to 'Uriah Heep' ('Valley Of bread') to a enough simple instrumental composition with a step up for the entire title ('Coriolis'); the next song ' Doomed in the Desert 'is a ballad where the end reminds me the atmospheres of ‘Eagles'. With 'Alienation', it's a rock melody close to 'UFO'. In short, with 'Lonely Desert', you are back where we were 40 years ago into a tasty mix of styles and genres that will surely delight fans of rock of this period...

Line Up / Musicians

Peter Cox (Tous les instruments), Phil Vincent (Vocal)