Artist : X-Panda

Album : Reflections

Release Date : 10-10-2016

Added : 01-01-2017

'X Panda' comes to Estonia and out hotel 2nd album 'Reflections' studio. They define themselves as symphonic progressive metal and recorded this album with the Orchestra of Tallinn. It starts with 'The Game', title very classic metal and melodic chorus. We completely change style with 'Denial' over 12 minutes that we booked into a symphonic universe where the Orchestra earned the lion's share of interspersed vocal parts of 'Tamar Nugis' and ends with a beautiful guitar solo. We continue in this patchwork 'Hit And Run' which is a mixture of metal and electro. Back to the Symphony with 'Slavs Of Lies' and 'Rise Up To Fly,' that reminds me a little of 'Simple Minds' vocal level. With 'On The Way' settles a jazz/rock throughout this instrumental track atmosphere. But the centerpiece of the album is 'Reflections' in 2 parts which leaves room back to the Orchestra for a complex symphonic fresco somewhat in the manner of 'Dream Theater'. Finally, the 'Reflections', its variety, although he requires several listenings, and a very pleasant to listen to album and will delight certainly fans of orchestral progressive metal...
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Line Up / Musicians

Kaarel Tamra (Keybords), Risto Virkhausen (Guitar), Karl-Juhan "Juki" Laanesaar (Drums), Tamar Nugis (Vocal), Roland Jairus (Bass)