Artist : BlackRain

Album : Released

Release Date : 25-03-2016

Added : 24-04-2016

And Yes, 'Blackrain', these are some small French who already released their 5th studio album and it is only with this album 'Released' I discovered them. In any case, on the internet, they do not go unnoticed and there are more reviews on their latest album. For my part, beyond the quality of the compositions, it is simply the variety of their music, which I appreciated. It starts very rock with 'Back In Town' and 'Mind Control', 2 very effective songs; but throughout the album, each title its own personality; 'Run Tiger Run', with its refrain that enter us directly into the head, 'Puppet On A String' more festive and a melody that recalls 'Elton John', 'Eat Your Alive' and his mood shifted circus, 'Home' great mid tempo song that takes back us in the seventies, 'For you Love' recovery 'Yardbirds' to rock sauce, 'Bland o Black' and its introduction Piano/voice in the manner of 'Skyfall' 'Electric Blue' with his seventies in the way 'Rubettes' choruses, and even a last song 'One Last Prayer' which the chorus reminds of 'Supertramp'. In the end, 'Blackrain' makes us spend a great moment of music... Then, you who are eclectic in your musical tastes, this album is for you...
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Line Up / Musicians

Frank F (Drums), MatH (Bass), Max 2 (Guitars), Swan (Vocal / Guitars)