Artist : Kerygmatic Project

Album : Chronicles from Imaginary Places

Release Date : 13-10-2017

Added : 09-01-2018

After ‘Secret Rule’, it's still Italians but in a progressive style of the 70s that have just released their 5th album and I donly iscovered them with 'Chronicles from Imaginary Places'. 'Kerygmatic Project' is a project created in 1996 by the 3 artists who still form the current line-up. From the beginning, we find ourselves in the mood of bands like 'Genesis' or 'Emerson Lake & Palmer' and newer 'Pendragon' or 'Marillion' but their influences go beyond this traditional rock because they mix pop, rock, classical and even jazz as can be seen in the first title 'The Time Machine' of almost 12 minutes. Note that the song of 'Samuele Tadini' fits perfectly with the different compositions and reminds me of the intonations of 'Sting'. In short, 'Kerygmatic Project' is a band with multiple qualities and, despite using the language of 'Shakespeare', could certainly be more known because their compositions are accessible and should appeal to all lovers of a traditional progressive rock but could also reach a wider audience...

Line Up / Musicians

Marco Campagnolo (Keybords, Piano, Organ), Danilo Nobili (Drums), Samuele Tadini (Bass)