Artist : Divinity Compromised

Album : Terminal

Release Date : 28-08-2017

Added : 03-11-2017

'Divinity Compromised' is an American Progressive Metal band created in 2009 that has just released its 2nd studio album 'Terminal'. From the beginning, the album's eponymous title brings you into powerful metal where everything is put in place to send heavy music while keeping an accessible melodic fabric and the next title, 'Shelter in Place', equally powerful, adds an additional epic and theatrical dimension. With 'My Escape', it is the first slow track of the album that starts calmly and then rises in crescendo to finish as it began. The continuation continues in this diversity alternating passages with a big sound and others much calmer with catchy melodies like 'The Last Refugee' or the last title 'Saving Grace' which is my favorite title of this opus. In short, a zest of progressive, a large dose of melodies, 'Terminal' is an accessible album that should please all lovers of a powerful and melodic metal...

Line Up / Musicians

Andy Bunk (Bass), Ben Johnson (Guitar, Keybords), Lothar Keller (Vocal), Mike Mousel (Drums), Jeff Treadwell (Guitar)