Artist : Paul Menel & The Essentials

Album : Spare Parts From Broken Hearts

Release Date : 14-02-2017

Added : 08-04-2017

After a short time with 'IQ' in the 90s and two solo albums, 'Paul Menel' released a new album under the name 'Paul Menel & The Essentials' where surrounded by ' Steve Swift', 'Tim Churchman' and different guests, he gives us a refreshing 'Spare Parts From Broken Hearts'. Difficult to find a precise style and it makes me feel to watch 50 years of pop/rock with atmospheres quite distant from each other. In the end, we don't get bore listening to the 14 tracks which are all very melodic, endowed with an fautless production and always this vocal talent that 'Paul Menel' has to adapt to all styles (we can note the cover of 'IQ', 'Common Ground', completely revisited by Paul and this magnificent last track 'Happy Face' filled with an atmosphere close to 'Freddy Mercury '). In short, this 'Spare Parts From Broken Hearts' should be well received by all lovers of progressive rock and even, thanks to accessible titles, by a wider audience...

Line Up / Musicians

Paul Menel (Vocal / Guitars), Steve Swift (Bass), Tim Churchman (Drums) +Guests : Gav Monaghan (Guitar,Keybords), Julianne Bourne (Violin, Alto), Vix Vox (Choirs), Emma Skip (Choirs), Kaytee de Wolfe (Choirs), Jake Henry (Clavier, Choirs), Dave Adams (Accordion, Keybords), Sam Rogers (Saxophone), Bryan Corbett (Trompette), Andy Sapic (Saxophone, Clarinette)