Artist : Orestea

Album : Elements

Release Date : 22-09-2017

Added : 27-11-2017

Between rock and metal, 'Orestea' is an English band that has just released its first studio album 'Elements'. 10 compositions for 39 minutes, each title is therefore formatted for radio with durations between 3 and 4 minutes. We navigate between energetic titles where the electro parts quickly give way to a powerful sound and others much calmer as the 2 ballads 'Gateway' and 'Burning Bridges'. In general, the melodies are catchy and 'Lisa Avon' has a register that allows her to modulate her voice as in 'Elements' where she alternates power and softness. In short, with this first album, 'Orestea' already shows us that they completely master their subject and 'Elements' offers us a modern and powerful rock sound which should please a public amateur of energetic and melodic rock...

Line Up / Musicians

Lisa Avon (Vocal), Lloyd Wilson (Guitar), Mike Quinn (Bass), Johno Madgwick (Guitar), Will Crozier (Drums)