Artist : Mytology

Album : Nemesis

Release Date : 02-12-2017

Added : 19-01-2018

'Mytology' is a new French band that has just released their first album 'Nemesis' and that shows that we can do something else in the hexagon than what we are poured all day long on the airwaves. Certainly, you will certainly not have the opportunity to discover the story of the goddess of discord 'Nemesis' on the radio (and that's a shame because some titles would be right) but past the first listen, we say that we really want to go back and that this opus already has all the qualities to succeed in the sphere of symphonic metal. From the epic instrumental introduction 'Premonitions' with imposing choruses to the last 10-minute 'Farewell' song that mixes power and symphonic, nothing has been left to chance, and on every level, compositions, arrangements, interpretation or production, everything is there to have a good time. In summary, we can only congratulate the Aixois of 'Mytology' who, if they continue in this way, should open the doors to be part of major groups of symphonic metal...

Line Up / Musicians

François Brey(Keybords), Thomas Pacyga (Bass), Tess Aguilar (Vocal), Nicolas Ortega (Drums), Cyril Murano (Guitar)