Artist : Prayer

Album : Silent Soldiers

Release Date : 18-01-2018

Added : 16-03-2018

Imagine the meeting of 'Saga' and 'Thin Lizzy', the result could be exactly what the Finns of 'Prayer' propose us with no new album 'Silent Soldiers'. In fact, they have already released 2 albums, 'Wrong Adress' in 2005 and 'Danger In The Dark' in 2012 that do not appear on Spotify. We are between melodic rock and hard-rock with the presence of keyboards at the same level as guitars and a good variety of compositions that can not tire the listener, the opus containing 15 titles for nearly 1 hour and 10 minutes of music. All titles have a radio format except 'Mystery Island' of more than 14 minutes which offers a progressive approach with breaks of rhythms and moods. In short, even if they do not revolutionize the genre, 'Prayer' released a very good album influenced by big melodic rock bands from the 70s to the present day and with accessible titles that should appeal to a wide enough audience...

Line Up / Musicians

Jukka Ihme (Guitar), Mike Pohjola (Keybords), Tapani Tikkanen (Vocal, Guitar, Drums, Choirs), Tom Pohjola (Bass), Ville Hanhisuanto (Drums)