Artist : Minotaurus

Album : Insolubilis

Release Date : 11-11-2016

Added : 03-01-2017

Already nearly 20 years of existence and the Germans 'Minotaurus' group released their 5th studio album. They are tagged folk metal and we tell stories related to mythology. Entry, it has embarked on to access very easy melodies that remind me on certain passages 'Therion'. Voice level 'Oliver Klump' and 'Clarissa Hobeck' share the song in a complementary way, the guitar solos are simple but very effective and the classical instruments, flute or harp reinforces the folk. Note that the last track 'Insolbilis' more than 8 minutes in fact consists of 2 parts, a first in English and a second hidden 5 minutes in German. In summary, 'Insolubilis' is a good melodic folk metal album that has the capacie to reach a broad audience...
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Line Up / Musicians

Reiner Zumkeller (Guitar, Choirs), Marcus Finger (Bass), Oliver Klump (Vocal), Clarissa Hobeck (Vocal), Daniela Schneider (Flute, Harp, Basson), Jürgen Hermann (Guitar), Andreas Finger (Drums)