Artist : Last Knight

Album : Seven Deadly Sins

Release Date : 25-10-2019

Added : 16-12-2019

'Last Night' is a neo-progressive band led by 'Jose Manuel Medina' and is composed of different artists quite diverse since we find of course progressive names such as 'John Mitchell', who is implicated in an impressive number of projects such as 'Lonely Robot', 'Arena' and 'Kino' or the Saxophonist 'Theo Travis' who officiates with 'Steven Wilson' (see here), but also, we find for example 'Richie Castellano' from the hard-rock group of 'Blue Öyster Cult' and 'other artists like the Spanish classic pianist 'Eduardo G. Saluena'. 'Seven Deadly Sins' is a concept album that explores the seven deadly sins.

With 7 titles and 4 more than 10 minutes, 66 minutes of progressive music are available to us and necessarily require many listenings but the whole remains relatively accessible and this thanks to melodic lines that are easily assimilable. From the beginning, with 'Lust' and its different parts, we embark on a first long development in which several moods follow each other with remarkable instrumental sections such as the introduction in a fairly classical style and which gives way to a sung part which can recall groups of progressive 70s and, as for all the compositions, there is no real timeout which do that there is no feeling of monotony. The symphonic side is present throughout the album with the use of the piano or the acoustic guitar as for example in 'Sloth' which has the tunes of 'Jon & Vangelis' and the atmospheres put forward a feeling of well-being like in the guitar solo final of 'Anger' which has tunes (and sounds) of 'Santana'. As for 'Envy', it's a bit of a return to the beginning of the progressive with its different interlocking parts and its vintage and country atmosphere brought by the flute and which in some places reminds of the symphonic style of the beginnings of 'Barclay James Harvest' and with the final title 'Pride', it's a good summary of the album, with a first 'Floydian' part, then a second part more unbridled mixing classical and progressive music of the seventies and a magnificent finale whose melody remains a long time in the head.

In short, this last album of 'Last Knight' provides a great listening pleasure thanks to a magnificent instrumental richness and remarkable arrangements and 'Seven Deadly Sins' is intended for all those who likes a symphonic progressive and melodic with many references to the 70s...

Line Up / Musicians

Jose Manuel Medina (Vocal, Keybords, Piano), Pablo Lato (Bass, Guitar, Keybords, Choirs, Percussions), John Mitchell (Vocal), Richie Castellano (Vocal), Gustavo Lato (Vocal, Guitar, Choirs), Theo Travis (Saxophone, Flute), Eduardo G. Saluena (Keybords, Piano), Cindy L. Spear (Parolier), Nelson Pombal (Guitar), Rafael Pacha (Guitar, Flute), Emilio Gutierrez (Piano, Hammond), Jose Bruno (Drums), Fernando Samalea (Drums), Israel Sanchez (Drums), Angel Ruiz (Steel Pedal), Ana Fernandez (Violin), Ignacio Alonso (Cello)