Artist : Magoria

Album : JtR1888

Release Date : 25-10-2019

Added : 11-12-2019

'Mark Bogert' is the guitarist of 'Knight Area' (see their latest album released in September 2019 here) and he has just brought together a whole host of progressive stage artists in his new project 'Magoria' to record a rock opera chronicling the story of serial killer 'Jack the Ripper' in 1888 in the London district of Whitechapel, England (see opera site here). For the package, there are 2 CDs that are proposed to us for more than an hour and thirty cut in 21 titles.

Musically speaking, the style is between rock and progressive metal with symphonic components and we are getting closer to the great productions of 'Arjen Lucassen' with his various projects and of course 'Aeyron' (see his extraordinary last live 'Ayreon Universe' here). Overall, the feelings are shared between disturbing moods and melancholic which stick perfectly to the story : Overall, the feelings are shared between disturbing moods and melancholic which stick perfectly to the story: for example, from the first title 'Whitechapel', in 3 minutes succeed several parts, with first a quiet introduction at the piano with a disturbing cry, then the singing part that grows and ends a minute before the end to make room for aerial vocalises that prepare the long title following 'Legend Of The Serial Killer Scene' which is the first highlight of the album and this process will often be used throughout the opera. It would of course be necessary to make the title as title but for short, the whole is in the image of these first titles with all that one wishes to find in a progressive opera, a wise dosage between the sung and instrumental parts, beautiful melodies that remain in your head, remarkable vocal performances or each singer or singer is at the service of history and a beautiful palette of styles : the majority of compositions are in a metal style like 'Prince Albert Victor 'Eddy'', 'Mary Ann Nichols' with melodic lines quite close to 'Ayreon', 'Abberline' whose theatrical song reminds me of the '70s opera 'Phantom of the Paradise' or the second CD 'Annie Crook' , 'Catherine Eddowes' or 'Mary Jane Kelly'. 'Mark Bogert' also offers rock songs with symphonic components like 'Do not Mention His Name' or 'Queen Victoria' and their catchy melodies, as well as the liberating final title 'Freedom Of London'. We can also note beautiful power ballads like 'More To Life Than This' or 'Day By Day' or the very refined 'Dignified Woman' full of emotion. In addition, symphonic instrumentals such as 'Overture' or 'Last Night in Whitechapel' and the short 'Pub' and its cabaret atmosphere add a greater variety to the ensemble. In short, 'Mark Bogert' has achieved this challenge of putting together a remarkable rock opera, both in terms of the quality of the compositions, but also in the choice of artists and in the production that is irreproachable and 'JtR1888' is at the level of Arjen Lucassen's projects' and can also be compared to the 'Jesus Christ the Exorcist' from 'Neal Morse' released a few months ago (see here). Now, I hope that the show given on November 9, 2019 in Mark's hometown, 'Dordrecht' (I do not know if it was a will of 'Mark Bogert' but it was just 131 years to the day after the macabre discovery of the body of the fifth canonical victim 'Mary Jane Kelly'), will have been filmed and a DVD will be released because, the image will be essential to take full advantage of this magnificent rock opera...

Line Up / Musicians

Mark Bogert (Guitar), Koen Stam (Keybords), Peter Vink (Bass), Harmen Kieboom (Drums), Cleem Determeijer (Piano), Bart Hennephof (Guitar), Peter Strykes – Inspector Abberline (Vocal), Maria Catharina – Mary Jane Kelly (Vocal), Zora Cock – Story Teller (Vocal), Nadine Pruim – Annie Crook (Vocal), Mirjam van Doorn – Queen Victoria (Vocal), Jan Willem Ketelaers – Prince Albert Victor (Vocal), Rodney Blaze – Jack the Ripper (Vocal), Sonny Pruim – Netley (Vocal), Inge Rijnja – Catherine Eddowes (Vocal)