Artist : Seeking Raven

Album : The Ending Collage

Release Date : 30-09-2016

Added : 08-02-2017

'Seeking Raven' is the 'János Krusenbaum' project who has released in 2016 his 2nd album 'The Ending Collage'. His influences are many and you can see different artists from the progressive scene of the past 30 years but it brings its own personality to the whole and each title offers a different atmosphere which makes this album very varied and very pleasant to listen to. Vocal and instrumental arrangements are complex and particularly worked, but by contrast with some artists where several listenings are required, 'The Ending Collage' captures the attention of the listener quickly enough without any boredom. In short, if you love variety and mix genres doesn't bother you, there is a great chance that you adopt this latest record of 'János Krusenbaum'...

Line Up / Musicians

János Krusenbaum (Vocal, Tous les instruments), Jens Sieloff (Bass), Réka Krusenbaum (Flute, Pipeau), Alina Krüger (Vocal), Georg Krusenbaum (Guitar, Bodhran), Patrick Gros (Choirs), Max Krüger (Choirs)