Artist : Marco Schnabl

Album : Marco Schnabl

Release Date : 15-07-2016

Added : 17-01-2017

'Marco Schnabl' is an Italian songwriter who crisscrosses the globe by boat and who landed the time released his first album. Between electric and acoustic guitars, Marco is affected among other things by the formations of the 70s/80s and his songs are in the image of what it is: a free and sincere artist who lives his life according to his desires of the moment. His universe is fairly soft and uncluttered and most of the songs are very melodic and melancholic ballads where he goes to the essence of the music. His song full of emotion makes me think a bit to 'Roger Waters' and his air guitar playing reminds me of 'David Gilmour' (listen to the introduction of the beautiful song 'The Song That No One Will Sing'). In short, 'Marco Schnabl' is an original artist and authentic outside consistency that one undergoes all day...
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Line Up / Musicians

Marco Schnabl (Vocal, Guitars), Fabio Ambrosini (Keybords), Fabrizio Papa (Guitars), Lorenzo Guarino (Drums), Pierpaolo Meuli (Bass)