Artist : Lion Shepherd

Album : Heat

Release Date : 26-05-2017

Added : 06-09-2017

Still Poland is honored with the band 'Lion Shepherd' which has just released its 2nd album 'Heat'. It is not simple to put them in a box because their different members are influenced by different cultures between East and West. The result is quite surprising because we could qualify their music of progressive rock ethnic. The 10 titles that describe all the current problems around Syria, have quite classical structures and the first title, 'On the Road Again' and 'Heat' remind me of some titles of 'Sting', the Kamil’s voice being close from the English’s. The rhythms and oriental sounds bring a real variety as in the ballad 'Dreams On' or in the tormented 'Fail'. In short, 'Heat' is a very good surprise 2017 and should please a public loving a progressive rock accessible, varied and open to different cultures...

Line Up / Musicians

Kamil Haidar (Vocal), Mateusz Owczarek (Guitar, Oud), Łukasz Belcyr (Guitar), Maciej Magnuski (Bass), Tomasz Mądzielewski (Drums)