Artist : Boulevard

Album : Boulevard IV – Luminescence

Release Date : 22-09-2017

Added : 04-12-2017

'Boulevard' is a Canadian band that had a first period of activity in the 80s with 2 albums and then, after a separation in the early 90s, they just found themselves more than 20 years later to taking a second turn in 2015 and 'Luminescence' was released in 2017. Their style is a melodic rock of the 80's with influences from artists ranging from 'Toto' to 'Chris de Burgh'. We jump from the ballad 'Confirmation' to the catchy 'Slippin Away', where the guitarist of 'Bryan Adams', 'Keith Scott' was invited for the occasion. In summary, if you like a melodic rock and accessible from the eighties, this 'Luminescence' is for you...

Line Up / Musicians

David Forbes (Vocal), Dave Corman (Guitar), Andrew Johns (Keybords), Mark Holden (Saxophone), Thom Christiansen (Bass), Randall Stoll (Drums) + Guests : Al Vermue (Guitar), Keith Bennett (Harmonica), Keith Scott (Guitar)