Artist : Overcrown

Album : Higher

Release Date : 31-10-2016

Added : 13-01-2017

'Overcrown' is an Italian group who has already 10 years of existence and that the tip of his nose without noise in this end of 2016 with a debut album 'Higher'; Indeed, not possible to find a chronic on the canvas of this album and only their acebook page tells us a little more. In a symphonic metal with singer registry, we are close to groups such as 'Adrana' with all the ingredients of this style of music: a singer in a lyrical, of melodies easy access register, guitars riffs supported by layers of keyboards and the use of classical instruments with strings for orchestral and epic side. 'Frozen' is the perfect example with a mid-tempo title and an orchestral part in the title. Finally, 'Overcrown' is one more name that adds to the already large family of symphonic metal...
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Line Up / Musicians

Giulia Morgana Penzo (Vocal), Aleksandar Djeric (Guitar), Fabio Affili (Guitar), Elia Dalla Pola (Bass, Programmation), Dusan Djeric (Drums, Programmation)