Artist : Slania

Album : Proof Of Existence

Release Date : 15-10-2016

Added : 14-01-2017

By the end of 2016, there is an impressive output of new albums of metal bands singer and this is still a debut with the Argentinian 'Creativity' group. Their influences are many and their style mixes melodic, symphonic, progressive and Gothic metal. All of the titles is relatively accessible for example 'Dark Horizon' or 'Self Sabotage' with very catchy refrains. 'Silence' makes me think of 'Within Temptation' and although Florencia still has a good margin of progression, its register comes from 'Sharon Den Adel'. In short, this first album shows that 'Creativity' already offers a good potential for a place in this style of music and should appeal to all lovers of symphonic metal...
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Line Up / Musicians

Florencia Sategna (Vocal), Walter González (Bass, Vocal), Gonzalo Kobalenko (Guitar), Sebastián Guerrero (Keybords), Fernando Romeo Ortíz (Drums)