Artist : Devoid

Album : Cup of Tears

Release Date : 20-10-2017

Added : 07-03-2018

'Devoid' is the new project of the French guitarist 'Shad Mae' who also officiates in the band 'Shadyon' and who has managed the challenge of bringing together famous guitarists of the international metal scene to release 'Cup of Tears' few months ago. They offer us 12 heavy metal hits full of good energy with abundant riffs and an exceptional vocal performance by 'Carsten Schulz'. For those who know 'Shadyon', we are in the same style but some compositions are more direct and powerful such as 'Otherworld', 'Agony' or 'Collective Heart'. We also find more elaborate titles with developments mixing progressive with symphonic as in 'The Clock Is Ticking', 'Killing Hands', 'Religion' or in the very melodic 'Colors Fade to Gray'. Also note the final instrumental 'Hollow Point' and its sumptuous guitar solo that beautifully closed the album. In short, with this new project, 'Shad Mae' shows that we can compete in France with main international heavy metal bands and this 'Cup of Tears' should appeal to all metal lovers navigating between melodic, progressive and symphonic...

Line Up / Musicians

Shad Mae (Guitar), Carsten Lizard Schulz (Vocal), Jorris Guilbaud (Keybords), Ben Toquet (Bass), Ben Wanders (Drums) + Guests : Daniel Palmqvist (Guitar), Henrik Danhage (Guitar), Magnus Karlsson (Guitar), Mattias Ia Eklundh (Guitar)