Artist : Art X

Album : The Redemption Of Cain

Release Date : 28-10-2016

Added : 25-03-2017

With this new project 'Art - X' and a first album 'The Redemption Of Cain' inspired by the bible which tells the adventures of Cain, 'Gabriele Bernasconi', lead singer of progressive metal band 'Mirrormaze' (see last review here) has invited different well-known singers of the metal scene. The great strength of this album is a significant variety of atmospheres that help to tell the story with the sung parts interpreted with passion by all artists. For example, 'Lilith' (which encouraged Cain to kill Abel) is a title that alternates very quiet parts and other close to the death which transcribed enough well the different atmospheres of the episode. Note that the last title is not available on Spotify and I added in the You Tube video. In short, this 'The Redemption Of Cain', due to the story that is told, can’t be satisfied with a simple listening without diving into the related biblical saga (see Wikepedia Cain) and for this reason it is recommended to all metal fans who enjoy concept albums asking for an effort to assimilate it...

Line Up / Musicians

Gabriele Bernasconi (Vocal) + Guests : Oliver Palotai (Keybords), Amanda Sommerville (Vocal), Andre Matos (Vocal), Blaze Bayley (Vocal), Giuseppe Orlando (Drums), Luca Princiotta (Guitars), Lucia Amelia Emmanueli (Vocal), Roberto Tiranti (Vocal), Selina Iussich (Vocal), Steve Di Giorgio (Bass), Tim Aymar (Vocal), Zak Stevens (Vocal)