Artist : Quasar H7

Album : Nanodroids

Release Date : 08-11-2016

Added : 09-03-2017

Funny name for a funny group, the Italian of 'Quasar H7' have just released their first album 'Nanodroids'. Difficult to define style because they juxtapose different types of music: it goes from progressive rock to jazz through classic. The album shares between instrumental tracks and others where 'Eleonora Moro' operates in a vocal register close to ‘Annie Aslam' of 'Renaissance'. The first title, 'Nanodroids' is a good example of this patchwork of styles: a first part that flirts with metal progressive then incorporates jazz fusion. Then we reach a classic part which begins with piano as central instrument and escalates and turns into epic atmosphere with choirs and then goes back to the starting theme for a very jazzy end. In short, to enter in the world of 'Quasar H7', it is better to be open to a set of different styles and if this is the case, there are chances that you love this 'Nonodroids'...

Line Up / Musicians

Eleonora Moro (Vocal), Luigi Rinaldi (Guitar), Francesco Cipullo (Piano, Keybords), Michele Milano (Drums), Francesco Coia (Bass)