Artist : Echoes of Giants

Album : The Way to Us

Release Date : 30-08-2018

Added : 15-11-2018

'Echoes of Giants' is an American band that released their first album in 2013 and just released the 2nd 'The Way to Us'. Their style is influenced by the progressive and alternative currents of the last 40 years and they develop a refined and delicate atmosphere where acoustic and electric coexist in compositions where the instrumental parts are numerous. The album has 15 different tracks globally accessible and if we had to remember only a few titles, I would say the acoustic 'Close the Door' with a beautiful vocal duet between 'Joey Myers' and 'Theese Weber' then, 'Escape' which can recall the melodic lines and the constructions of 'Mostly Autumn' (see here) and finally 'Find Myself Today' which reminds me of the atmospheres of 'Phil Collins' with some percussions encrusted in an aerian melody. In summary, the Americans of 'Echoes of Giants' released a quality album between progressive pop and rock filled with beautiful melodies to quietly enjoy the headphones on the ears...

Line Up / Musicians

Rick Kaufmann (Bass), Tracy Thomas (Keybords, Drums, Marimba, Percussions), Wes Bolton (Guitar, Echoplex, Percussions) + Guests : Joey Myers (Vocal), Theese Weber (Vocal)