Artist : Degrees Of Truth

Album : The Reins Of Life

Release Date : 27-10-2016

Added : 11-01-2017

'Degrees Of Truth' is a new Italian of symphonic Metal group who released their debut album 'The kidneys Of Life'. After the short instrumental introduction of use in this style of music, 'Finite infinity' starts very calmly with the warm voice of 'Claudia Nora parks' a little in the same register as 'Päivi Virkkunen - Capri' of Amberian Dawn' then follows a fairly soft and melodic metal part. 'Kidneys Of Life' is a continuation of the first title in the same style with an alternation between powerful parties and other quieter. The suite is similar always in a symphonic registry where keyboards bring a binder to all. Note 'Subtle Borderline' instrumental track combining classical and electric instruments. In summary, 'Degrees Of Truth' released an album very mature and very dense and certainly will in the future the ability to get a good place in the family of symphonic melodic metal...
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Line Up / Musicians

Matteo Clark (Bass), Graziano Franchetti (Guitar), Claudia Nora Pezzotta (Vocal), Luca Ravezzani (Drums), Gianluca Parnisari (Keybords)