Artist : The Pineapple Thief

Album : Hold Our Fire (Live)

Release Date : 15-11-2019

Added : 21-12-2019

After 'Dissolution' in 2018 (see the myprogmusic review here), and after their tour at the end of 2018, the English of 'The Pineapple Thief' released a live 'Hold Our Fire'. For those who missed their previous album, they offer us in this live 8 of the 9 tracks of 'Dissolution' and therefore, to avoid repeating myself, I would simply say that, even if the set list offers us only half of a concert and it's a shame, the atmosphere shows a formation at the top of his art and each member of the group brings his talent for a flawless result as well in the quality of the sound as in the interpretations. Note that the last title '3000 Days' is taken from the album 'Someone Here Is Missing' of 2010 and shows more the fairly technical side of this formation while for my part, this is not the title that I remember first in this album. In short, this live from 'The Pineapple Thief' shows once again that this is the kind of group that takes on its full dimension in concert and 'Hold Your Fire' will undoubtedly be well received by all their fans but also by all lovers of inventive and sought-after progressive rock but nevertheless accessible...

Line Up / Musicians

Bruce Soord (Vocal, Guitar), George Marios (Guitar), Jon Sykes (Bass), Gavin Harrison (Drums)