Artist : Eluveitie

Album : Evocation II – Pantheon

Release Date : 18-08-2017

Added : 09-11-2017

With our Swiss friends of ‘Eluveitie', it’s not easy to follow because with their almost complete line-up change in 2016 (with the female singer 'Anna Murphy' who left to base a new group with former members of ‘Eluveitie' See Here )to which we can add a double hat 'Celtic Acoustics' and 'Celtic Metal', we don’t know what is going to fall on our head. We said to ourselves that ‘Evocation I’ must have a sequel, because otherwise to have numbered 1 !! Well, it's 2017 that sees the release of the 2nd released of this Folk saga. For all the fans (which are necessarily divided into 2 categories), it is therefore the soft and acoustic side of the group and therefore, those who waited for an opus in the style of 'Origins', it’s over. So, we sail in the universe of 'Tri Yann' both in the compositions and in the interpretation (perhaps even more soft, to prove this go to see the guitar solo of the extraterrestrial ‘Jean- Luc Chevalier' on the 'Jument de Michao' Ici at 2mn) with very festive melodies like 'Epona' , 'Nantosuelta', 'Lvgvs', 'Grannos', 'Ogmios' (on the Breton 'Tri Martolod' traditional air) or 'Taranis'. Short instrumental titles are intercalated and each title is a homage to a divinity. We can also greet the warm and deep song of 'Fabienne Erni' who has been integrated successfully in this new line-up as for example in the magnificent 'Artio'. In summary, with this 'Evocation II - Pantheon', 'Eluvietie' offers us an great quality and very varied album which should reach a relatively wide audience loving Celtic Folk...

Line Up / Musicians

Jonas Wolf (Guitar), Matteo Sisti (Flute Irlandaise, Bagpipe, Mandole), Nicole Ansperger (Violin), Alain Ackermann (Drums), Chrigel Glanzmann (Vocal, Flute Irlandaise, Mandole, Bagpipe, Bodhran), Fabienne Erni (Vocal, Harp Celtique, Mandole), Kay Brem (Bass), Michalina Malisz (Hurdy Gurdy), Rafael Salzmann (Guitar)