Artist : Karmamoi

Album : Silence Between Sounds

Release Date : 30-10-2016

Added : 10-02-2017

Back in a progressive range with Italians of 'Karmanmoi' who released their 3rd album 'Silence Between Sounds'. The style is atmospheric and to give influences, I would mention artists as varied as 'Renaissance', 'Shade' or 'Porcupine Tree'. From the outset, 'Silence Between Sounds' is a title for more 10 minutes that takes us into a quiet world that mixes rock and jazzy moods. 'Sirio' incorporates several parts making it a varied and typical progressive music title. With 'Tuesday' you escape you in a very aerial and melodic ballad. The album ends with 'Canis majoris', multi-faceted title that sums up the whole. In short, with 'Silence Between Sounds', 'Karmamoi' released a very successful progressive music album that should appeal to all lovers of atmospheres mixing quiet and intense moments...

Line Up / Musicians

Alessandro Cefali (Bass), Alex Massari (Guitars), Daniele Giovannoni (Keybords, Drums) +Guests : Fabi O Tempesta (Guitars), Hellena (Vocal), Irene Morelli (Vocal), Lara Bagnati (Flute), Luca Uggias (Piano), Maria Rodriguez Reina (Cello), Sara Rinaldi (Vocal), Serena Ciacci (Vocal)