Artist : Secret Illusion

Album : Awake before the Dawn

Release Date : 01-02-2018

Added : 13-03-2018

After the release of 'Change of Time' in 2014, the Greeks of 'Secret Illusion' released a third album 'Awake before the Dawn'. With this latest opus, they embark us for nearly an hour of melodic metal mixing power, epic and progressive with the particularity of using electronic sounds in some places. After the short instrumental introduction 'Curtain Falls' and its classical melody, 'Neverland' starts with a first energetic title and catchy chorus that stays in your head all day long. 'Fall of Human Kind' is similar and with 'Sailing the Open Sea', it’s a little quieter but the melodic lines are still there and we go once again with 'Hope is Lost' with its rhythm of hell. A short break with 'Falling', a ballad that starts with a text on the music and a melody typical of power ballad but it’s in the last 2 titles that the progressive components appear which allows to vary the style with firstly the epic 'Eerie' which alternate energetic atmospheres and quieter ones. The last eponymous title of the album of more than 9 minutes slowly unfolds its powerful melody with a welcome break in the middle of the title finishes in some chords of keyboards. In summary, this last album of 'Secret Illusion' offers us two faces, one of power metal classic and another, for me the most interesting of melodic metal with progressive hints and 'Awake before the Dawn' is recommended for fans of groups like 'Rhapsody In Fire' or 'Ancient Bards' to name just two...

Line Up / Musicians

Evmenios Poulias (Keybords), Filippos Papakyriakou (Guitar), Vasilis Axiotis (Vocal)