Artist : Turin Brakes

Album : Invisible Storm

Release Date : 26-01-2018

Added : 01-03-2018

After 'Lost Property' released in 2016 (see Here), the English of 'Turin Brakes' release in 2018 'Invisible Storm' which is their 8th studio album. They continue to offer us very accessible pop and folk compositions in the great tradition of English pop artists. Wether it is refreshing titles like 'Would You Be Mine', 'Wait', 'Lost In The Woods' or 'Everything All at Once' which can recall artists like 'Simon And Garfunkel' because of the complicity between 'Olly Knights' and 'Gale Paridjanian', but also other more melancholic like ‘Deap Sea Diver', 'Invisible Storm', 'Tomorrow' or 'Smoke and Mirrors' which reminds me of the atmospheres of 'Fleetwook Mac', everything has been done to have a good time. In short, even if they do not revolutionize pop, 'Turin Brakes' release an likeable and accessible album that should therefore be intended for a relatively large audience...

Line Up / Musicians

Olly Knights (Guitar, Vocal), Gale Paridjanian (Guitar, Vocal), Rob Allum (Drums), Eddie Myer (Bass)