Artist : Sea Goat

Album : Tata

Release Date : 24-11-2017

Added : 27-01-2018

The case of the Germans of 'Sea Goat' is quite strange : imagine a group founded in the 70s who released his first album 45 years later !! Indeed, after a few years of existence until 1982, they decided to continue the adventure in 2007 with result the release of 'Tata' 10 years after (name of the Hungarian city where the group has reformed). They are part of the great tradition of '70s bands between 'King Krimson' and 'Barclay James Harvest' and we embark for one little hour of melancholy progressive rock with 10 melodic and refined compositions to savor quietly. We can also note the last title 'Lachrimae' with the participation of the soprano 'Sandra Hartmann' in a final completely staggered from the rest. In summary, 'Tata', although one of the founders of 'Seat Goat', 'Torsten Hartmann' is behind the metal label 'Massacre Records', is a summary of peaceful progressive 70s with a current sound and an irreproachable production...

Line Up / Musicians

Matthias ‘Matze‘ Wolfgarten (Keybords, Mellotron, Piano, Organ), Klaus Schulz (Guitar, Cello, Keybords, Cithare), Torsten Hartmann (Vocal, Guitar), Thomas Götz (Drums, Percursions, Guitar) + Guests : Walter Bauer (Guitar), Harald Englert (Choirs), Sandra Hartmann (Vocal), Gisela Daebel (Flute), Andreas Pennekamp (Bass), Michael "Blacky" Schwarz (Bass)