Artist : Mauricio Ibáñez

Album : Shades Of Light & Darkness

Release Date : 01-09-2016

Added : 23-03-2017

Direction Chile for an artist who has just released his first album 'Shades Of Light & Darkness’. 'Mauricio Ibáñez' composed, arranged and interpreted all the 12 titles; His influences are multiple and include the last 40 years of progressive pop/rock music and I could name some formations like 'Pink Floyd' and more recently 'Blackfield'. He mixes energetic titles like 'Cloud Zero' (we feel ‘Steven Wilson’ in this composition) or the instrumental 'Nebula' close to metal and other much more atmospheric like the magnificent 'Something Beautiful' very aerial full of delicacy or even the psychedelic 'Ocean Drop' where he embeds few digressions flirting with jazz. In summary, for a 1st album, 'Mauricio Ibáñez' gave us a demonstration of his talent already very mature which has a good chance to delight all fans of progressive pop/rock music...

Line Up / Musicians

Mauricio Ibáñez (Vocal, Guitar)