Artist : Citizen Cain Stewart Bell

Album : The Antechamber of Being, Pt. 2: Stories from the Antechamber

Release Date : 27-02-2017

Added : 08-09-2017

Let's tell you now what it's about, the second part of Stewart Bell's 'The Antichamber Of Being' trilogy requires an important musical opening because it mixes progressive rock with sounds from contemporary music. It’s the the same singers as for part 1 who officiate on this new album. The 4 first parts are certainly the most difficult to tame, the 4 following compositions much more affordable are closer to a rich and complex progressive rock that is reminiscent of certain sounds of 'Genesis'. In short, this last opus of 'Stewart Bell' is intended for a warned audience loving the long titles requiring several listening to draw all the quintessential essence...

Line Up / Musicians

Stewart Bell (Tous les instruments, Vocal), Phil Allen (Guitar, Vocal) + Guests : Simone Rossetti (Vocal), Arjen Lucassen (Vocal), Mhairi Bekah Comrie (Vocal)