Artist : microClocks

Album : Soon Before Sundown

Release Date : 18-11-2016

Added : 27-01-2017

The Germans 'microCloks' released their 3rd album with 'Soon before Sundown'. Not easy to find a specific style because it navigates between pop, rock and hard rock with an addition of electro sound. the compositions, often keeping a schema classic verse/chorus, are melodic and energetic and hang from the first listen and each brings his own universe title that makes the whole very varied: 'Love's End' is a title mixing western and Eastern influences. 'The Edge' brings a change of tempo welcome between the verses and the chorus. 'Here I am' and 'Nothing But A Tought' are 2 beautiful ballads and the album ends with the most aggressive title with 'Raptor'. In summary, with a range of different atmospheres and compositions varied all remaining fairly conventional, 'Soon Before Sundown' is likely to appeal to a broad audience…
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Line Up / Musicians

Daniel Stieber (Drums), JT (Vocal), Marc Dorman (Guitars), Stevie Jay (Keybords)