Artist : Beastö Blancö

Album : Beastö Blancö

Release Date : 25-11-2016

Added : 30-01-2017

Children are what they are made. 'Chuck Garric', Alice Cooper's bassist for ages relased a second album with his band 'Beastö Blancö' in which operates 'Calico Cooper', singer and daughter of ‘Alice Cooper'. From the first title 'Buried Angels', it starts with a bang and we take earful with a catchy chorus and a simple solo guitar but so effective wich recall the hard rock’s beautiful hours of the seventies. Without reinventing the wheel, everything is done to balance energetic and rhythmic titles with powerful and heavy riffs. 'Grind' or 'Death Rattle' remind me a little tempos of some 'ZZ Top' songs. Include also a cover of Alice Cooper' with the title 'Feed My Frankenstein' which is close enough to the original. In conclusion, an album certainly not for everyone but it should appeal to hard rock fans who like energic music...

Line Up / Musicians

Chuck Garric (Vocal, Guitar), Chris Latham (Guitar), Jan LeGrow (Bass), Tim Husung (Drums), Calico Cooper (Vocal)