Artist : Burning Point

Album : The Blaze

Release Date : 25-11-2016

Added : 06-01-2017

The Finns 'Burning Point' with 'The Blaze' already released their 7th studio album and since 2014, they have incorporated a singer 'Nitte Valo' which had already sang on the previous album 'Burning Point' but which was only covers of old songs and which could be likened to singers like 'Doro'. 'Master Them All' and 'Time Has Come' set the scene with 2 titles speeds and melodic in the purest tradition of the power metal groups. 'My Spirit', 'The Lie' or even 'Lost In Your Thoughts' show another side of the band with mid-tempo tracks that cut with the removed pieces. The title 'Chaos Rising' comes out also the scheme classic power metal with rhythmic breaks and Oriental influences that make it a unique title. 'Metal Queen' is nothing more than a cover of 'Lee Aaron' beautifully closed the album. In conclusion, ' Burning' with 'Nitte Valo' diversifies and a very varied album that will delight all fans of rock, had rock and metal fans...
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Line Up / Musicians

Jarkko Väisänen (Keybords), Jussi Ontero (Drums), Nitte Valo (Vocal), Pekka Kolivuori (Guitars), Pete Ahonen (Guitars), Sam Nyman (Bass)