Artist : Ad Infinitum

Album : Chapter I – Monarchy

Release Date : 03-04-2020

Added : 14-05-2020

Decidedly, the Swiss 'Melissa Bonny' is currently in the spotlight because after her participation in the last album of ' Beneath My Sins' and the release in 2019 of 'Imploder' of the 'Rage of Light ' project, she created a new formation 'Ad Infinitum' and her first studio recording is called' Chapter I: Monarchy' which foreshadows that there will be a sequel and which makes us revise our history lessons with this first part at the time of the monarchy.

Musically, the listener is immersed in a classical symphonic metal with influences of major formations of this style but, even if the sound is much more modern, if you are nostalgic for the melodic lines of 'Within Temptation' of the end of the 90s and of the beginning of the 2000s, you should be delighted by this album with compositions like 'Infected Monarchy', 'See You In Hell', 'Fire And Ice', 'Revenge' or even 'Tell Me Why' which easily embed in your head. The other titles are just as melodic with 'Melissa Bonny' in certain places, alternating her clear song and her extreme voice without adding too much which means that the vocal change remains always judicious : we can quote the energetic 'Marching On Versailles', 'Maleficent' or 'I am The Storm' alternating fiery double pedal and much quieter passages or even the catchy and very 'Delaisian' 'Live Before You Die' or the fast 'Demons'. Note that the end of the album contains two very beautiful acoustics from 'See You In Hell' and 'Tell Me Why', the instrumental of 'Marching On Versailles' and 'See You In Hell' as well as a last title 'This is Halloween' which was released a while ago on you tube for Halloween 2019.

In summary, this new project initiated by 'Melissa Bonny' and endowed with flawless production shows that the Swiss completely masters her subject both in terms of writing and in terms of vocal and Chapter I – Monarch ' is recommended for all those who are fans of a symphonic metal accessible at first listen...

Line Up / Musicians

Melissa Bonny (Vocal), Niklas Müller (Drums), Jonas Asplind (Bass), Adrian Theßenvitz (Guitar)