Artist : Sleeping Romance

Album : Alba

Release Date : 03-11-2017

Added : 01-01-2018

After 'Angel Nation', it is the turn of the Italian band 'Sleeping Romance' to release their 2nd studio album with 'Alba'. All of these new bands are surfing on the wave of major symphonic metal bands of the early 2000s, such as 'Within Temptation' or 'Delain'. The recipe is well established : a female singer able of adapting to the powerful style of the genre ('Lost In My Eyes') but who is also comfortable in the alternations between energy and softness ('Touch The Sun'), sharpened riffs of guitars, keyboards to bind everything and finally a bass and percussion that reinforce the impression of power. In this specific case, 'Frederica Lanna' officiates in the register of the frontwoman 'Sharon dan Adel' of 'Within Temptation'. All titles are accessible and melodic lines are easily assimilated. In summary, 'Sleeping Romance' is added to the already long list of new symphonic metal bands but, just like 'Angel Nation', offers us a quality album not only in composition but also in production and 'Alba' should delight all lovers of this genre...

Line Up / Musicians

Federica Lanna (Vocal), Federico Truzzi (Guitar), Francesco Zanarelli (Drums), Lorenzo Costi (Bass), Nichola Bonavoglia (Guitar)