Artist : Sisare

Album : Leaving the Land

Release Date : 19-01-2018

Added : 06-03-2018

The Finns of 'Sisare' released their first album in 2013 and I discovered them with their second album 'Leaving the Land' released in early 2018. Not easy to find information about this band and their style tends towards an atmospheric and progressive rock where their influences come from the bands of the 70s with titles between 6 and 7 minutes and 'Severi Peura' alternates parts sung with beautiful guitar solos or with the first title 'Escape' where succeed several atmospheres very typical of the progressive. The following titles are in the same pattern with melancholic melodies that flow peacefully and arrangements always very elaborate. In summary, 'Leaving the Land' is a very good album of atmospheric progressive music that is accessible and which is to calmly listen with headphones on the ears to discover every nook and cranny...

Line Up / Musicians

Severi Peura (Guitar, Vocal), Hermanni Piltti (Bass), Timo Lehtonen (Guitar), Rauli Elenius (Drums)