Artist : Christine Ott

Album : Tabu

Release Date : 16-12-2016

Added : 31-01-2017

After 'Beastö Blancö', this is a big gap as I like them and only guided by the chance of my listening, here's 'Christine Ott' with 2 albums in 2016, 'Only Silence Remains' and 'Tabu'. This Jack-of-all-trades has a classical Piano interesting training and was interested in the first electronic musical instrument (from already 1928 !), the ‘Martenot waves’, true to life to an organ and that has been used in contemporary music by composers such as 'Olivier Messian' (See Wikipedia). By her career, 'Christine Ott' is an music’s extraterrestrial since she has worked with artists as varied as 'Yann Tiersen' or 'Radiohead' to name only 2 (See Wikipedia). The first album 'Only Silence Remains' is related to the ‘24 hours in the life of a woman' show and it goes against current trends. Her universe transports us to a nostalgic and aerial world where everything is sensation and feeling outside all space-time repository. With 'Tabu', original band of the film of the same name, the piano is the central instrument and we continue our trip over parts sometimes light, sometimes dark where the despoliation allows her to go to the heart of the music’s quintessence. In summary, although that this music called experimental and elitist may be limited to a small audience, 'Christine Ott' has at least due to his career, the opportunity to discover her world to a general public...

Line Up / Musicians

Christine Ott (Piano, Ondes Martenot, Percussions), Torsten Böttcher (Hang)