Artist : Kauan

Album : Kaiho

Release Date : 22-09-2017

Added : 03-01-2018

'Kuan' is a group founded in 2005 by the Ukrainian 'Anton Belov' and 'Alexander Borovykh' and which releases its 7th studio album with 'Kaiho'. We are far away from the beginnings that flirted with black metal and this last opus consists entirely of atmospheric titles in an airy and melancholy atmosphere with the use of keyboards that fill the entire space and a violin that reinforces the impression of fullness. Oddly, all compositions have been written by folk singer 'Marja Mattlar' in Finnish. In summary, 'Kaiho' is an album that should please all fans of atmospheric music in the manner of the direction that also decided to take 'Anathema' (see their latest album Here) and this is the kind of music that can replace all the anti-depressants of the earth...

Line Up / Musicians

Anton Belov (Vocal), Alex Vynogradoff (Bass, Choirs), Alina Belova (Keybords, Choirs), Anatoly Gavrylov (Violin), Anton Skrynnik (Drums)