Artist : Infringement

Album : Alienism

Release Date : 01-11-2019

Added : 27-12-2019

'Infringement' is a Norwegian neo-progressive rock band which started in 2015 with a first album in 2017 'Transition' (see here) and has just released a new studio recording 'Alienism' in which the keyboard player 'Bård Thorstensen' joined. This is a concept album in which we enter the minds of the patients of the ‘Gentmire Institute’, at the cutting edge of psychiatric innovation, through the journals of the center's commissioner.

Musically speaking, their style mixes different eras of progressive rock with symphonic components and accessible melodic lines. First of all, for a progressive album, it is quite short and offers us 4 tracks, 3 of which are long developments. The first title ‘Disorder’ deploys a slow melody, the atmosphere which emanates from it being atmospheric with progressive influences of the major formations of the Seventies and the instrumental parts ‘Floydiennes’. 'Triad' which follows and which exceeds 10 minutes, begins in the continuity of the first title but then alternates more intense passages and others quieter and this as well in the parts sung as instrumental and includes a remarkable a capella section, the final bringing a disturbing component with cries reflecting madness to fall back into the last part more calmed. The shortest title ‘Therapy’ is a crescendo that unfolds slowly until a first break and then a final filled of tenseness that is released towards the end. But it is with ‘Delirium’ of more than 16 minutes that we hold the flagship title of the album which develops in a symphonic progressive rock in several parts, a beautiful alternation between vocal and instrumental sections.

In summary, the Norwegians of ‘Infringement’ are releasing an excellent album between progressive and neo-progressive rock which remains accessible thanks to harmonious melodic lines and ‘Alienism’ should reach an audience that likes long progressive developments...

Line Up / Musicians

Hans Andreas Brandal (Vocal), Stig André Clason (Guitar, Vocal), Bård Thorstensen (Keybords), Espen Larsen (Bass), Kristoffer Utby (Drums, Vocal)