Artist : Staring Into Nothing

Album : Power

Release Date : 20-11-2017

Added : 16-01-2018

'Staring Into Nothing' is a new progressive American rock band that released its first studio album in late 2017 and has already prepared the 2nd album. We feel with 'Puritans' hovering influences of the 80s with a certain 'Supertramp' and the following scrolls little melodic jewels that show all the talent of this young band that offers catchy compositions from the first listen. The progressive side is not present on the first 5 titles which have a relatively classical verse/chorus construction but appears from 'Information Crime' which offers several facets and then we are entitled to 'Towers', the corner stone of the album of more than 18 minutes that embarks us in a sound maze with this ability to keep our attention awake throughout the title (it reminds me of the atmosphere of 'Karnataka' with the title 'Secrets of Angels' - See Here). In summary, with this first album, the Americans of 'Staring Into Nothing' hit a big blow because there is really something for everyone and whether you are a progressive rock fan or simply fans of good melodic rock, you will certainly conquered by this 'Power' which is for me one of the most beautiful surprises of the end of 2017...

Line Up / Musicians

Steve Rogers (Keybords, Vocal), Savannah Rogers (Guitar, Vocal), Kurt Barabas (Bass, Guitar) + Guests : David Levita (Guitar), Matt Chamberlain (Drums), Jamie Muhoberac (Keybords), Pop Levi & Andrea Meli (Choirs), Sherwood Scott Kingsbury (Guitar)